What is Peristeam Hydrotherapy?

Peristeam Hydrotherapy is the application of herbal medicine to women’s health. It is an ancient grooming ritual performed regularly to restore female health and balance your lunar (menstrual) cycles. This care ritual is an ancient healing practice used by women and is deeply rooted in history. It can be found in many peoples and cultures worldwide and is mainly rooted in the holistic traditions of African and Asian countries.

Women around the world have been practising this healing ritual for centuries. From Africa, Central / South America, Asia, and India to Northern Europe, this ancient healing practice has many names – from Bajos, Chai Yok, Yoni Steam to Peristeam Hydrotherapy. Herbal medicine women revere this healing practice, therapists and women from all walks of life to heal our bodies, connect with the earth and bring balance to our lives.

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The natural function of the uterus, which is often regarded as ‘natural cleansing’, is the hormonally controlled building and breaking down of the mucous membrane in the uterine cavity. This happens when an egg cell is not fertilized within a cycle, and the mucous membrane built up in the uterine cavity is thus shed and excreted as menstrual bleeding (moon bleeding). However, this dynamic cleansing function can become unbalanced (e.g. in the case of hormonal disorders, a weakened immune system, psychological and emotional stress, etc.)
Menstrual cramps of all kinds are often due to stagnant blood flow. This is, e.g. in the form of old blood (clots, brown and often lumpy) to recognize at the beginning and end of menstruation. Instead of the uterus being able to break down the mucous membrane with fresh blood, it first has to transport the old blood away and thus reacts with mechanisms that are often perceived as cramps.
Peristeaming – also known as abdominal steam bath or yoni steam bath (yoni = Sanskrit word for vagina), is a steam bath that you perform while seated over steaming water. Although the term “vaginal vaping” has become popular in recent years, the term is not entirely accurate for several reasons. First, sitting over the steam touches more than the vulva. Depending on your posture, the steam can reach the entire pelvic area. This means that the steam reaches the vulva (the outer area of ​​the female genitals – i.e. the mons pubis, large and small labia, vaginal vestibule, clitoris and vaginal vestibule glands) and the vagina (vagina, an approximately 10cm long muscular tube that runs from the vulva to the uterus leads). In addition, the steam reaches the urethra, uterus, ovaries and anus.
The water is at a mild temperature to calm (peristeam) your perineum (root chakra). Adding herbs will deepen the potency of the steam if chosen with care. It’s essential that you steam at intervals that are tailored to you, with herbs that are right for you, and at the right length. Steaming while seated on a handcrafted birch or beech wood seat, protected by natural waxes, oils and organic propolis, or on a cedar seat enhances the olfactory effects as these release their oils during the steam.
Peristeaming uses the healing powers of plants and lunar cycles to restore balance to our feminine nature at all stages of life. The herbal-infused steam assists your body in naturally releasing what doesn’t serve our optimal health while connecting us to our inner femininity. Many different herbs are used to support and heal our feminine cycles and life stages. I help women develop a ritual that is beneficial to them and unleashes its long-term health benefits.
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The healing power of steaming can help you with the following ailments:
  • Regulate menstrual cycle
    Menstrual problems (irregular/absent menstrual cycles)
    Clearing blood clots
    Uterine cleansing
    Reduction of symptoms such as bloating, cramps and pain during menstruation
    Elimination of fibroids, ovarian cysts and cervical polyps
    PCOS & Endometriosis
    Scar Tissue Healing
    Adhesion of the reproductive organs
    Pelvic pain
    Pain during sexual intercourse
    Regulation of a dry vagina
    Abdominal/Uterine Trauma & Sexual Trauma
    Find emotional healing and reconnect with your inner self
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  • Regulation of excess heat in the body
    Menstrual Pain & PMS
    Urinary Tract Infections / Yeast Infections
    A disturbed vaginal flora & unpleasant odour in the vaginal area
    Environmental Detox
    Increased libido
    Support in finding your sexuality
    Transition to menopause & menopause symptoms such as hot flashes
    Uterine prolapse
    Bladder prolapse
    Deeper connection to your feminine essence
    Hormone fluctuations
    Excessive bleeding
    Light or no bleeding
    Painful periods
    Stress and tension
    Prevention and elimination of haemorrhoids
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It can be of particular help with:

Childbirth preparation
The healing process after birth (postpartum healing)
Difficulty getting pregnant
After a miscarriage
After an abortion


Steaming has excellent healing power. But …. never do an steam bath:

When you are pregnant
If you are trying to get pregnant – i.e. not immediately after ovulation or possible fertilization
If you have your moon bleeding (menstruation), intermenstrual bleeding, spotting, or if you have two periods a month.
If there is a great deal of heat stress or if you suffer from internal heat
If you use the spiral for contraception (IUD = intra-uterine pessary)

Here are a few more facts about Peristeam Hydrotherapy

Origin of the term Peristeam:

“perineum” + “steam” = “peristeam”

Hydrotherapy: The therapeutic use of water

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Definition:

The therapeutic use of water-steam acting on the perineum.

How Peristeam Hydrotherapy works:

Peristeam Hydrotherapy consists of a consultation with a client by a trained and certified therapist, followed by a customized steam plan.

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7 signs of an imbalance in the menstrual cycle

During a Peristeam Hydrotherapy consultation, the therapist attempts to determine if there are any underlying menstrual cycle imbalances. By looking at the menstrual cycle holistically, there are seven health imbalances that can be identified that have negative side effects on women’s health. These include uterine stagnation, uterine fatigue, excessive moisture, lack of blood, excessive heat, dryness, and weak digestion.

The Peristeam hydrotherapy approach is to design a treatment plan to address the underlying imbalances of the menstrual cycle, which can result in improved menstrual cycle and gynaecological health.

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Healthy standard cycle

In a standard healthy cycle, menstrual cycles are assumed to be completely comfortable without any uncomfortable symptoms such as PMS, cramps, hormonal acne, back pain, blood clots, heavy bleeding, headaches, fatigue, or uterine disorders. Therefore, Peristeam hydrotherapists assume a certain standard for a healthy menstrual cycle. Sometimes referred to as the “perfect” period, the concept of a standard healthy cycle emerged after two thousand menstrual cycles were observed and identified by the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, California.

1) That women who did not experience uncomfortable menstrual symptoms often had very similar periods

2) Those periods in women who implement vaginal steaming often approximate these characteristics

Menstrual cycle length: 28-30 days

Period: 4 days

Menses colour: fresh red

Flow: Consistent and clean (no clots, no break)

Condition: Pain and cramp free

Research – Conducted by Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute California

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