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What is a Yoni?

Yoni means sacred space and is the Sanskrit word for vulva & vagina. Using the word yoni is a way for us women to reclaim our femininity by honoring our sacred space; our vessel to bring life and joy of birth, abundance, creativity and purpose into our world.

What does Moon bleeding mean?

The period or menstrual bleeding.

What is the lunar cycle?

The lunar cycle is the term for the menstrual cycle (i.e. the “four weeks” from one bleeding to the next).

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How does an yoni steam feel like?

Just imagine a personal sauna for your yoni. Take a seat and enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits just like enjoying a facial – only medicinal.

How does yoni steam work?

Physical Body: When you heat the herbs in a covered pot of boiling water, they release aromatic oils that feed the steam. The herbal steam relaxes your pelvic muscles, penetrates your yoni and is carried into your uterus by the subtle steam. The steam opens up, increases overall physical circulation, blood flow to our uterus, brings life-giving heat and warmth essential for detoxification, and directs the medicinal oils of the herbs where they need to be at their fullest. Heat is medicine for the female body. Good blood circulation is essential for the health of your yoni. Plants are both healers and teachers.

Emotional Body: We carry many emotions in our womb. From anger, resentment, inability to forgive and past trauma. It is also where we manifest our creativity, self-expression, ability and abundance; but above all carry the magic of our life-giving, compassionate, feminine essence. When our womb is full of negative emotions, there is no room for positive emotions. As science has now discovered, our emotional and physical bodies are interconnected – our emotional state determines our physical health. Peristeam Hydrotherapy supports the release of past trauma to welcome into the new seeds we wish to grow. We forgive to set ourselves free!

What will I feel after my first yoni steam bath?

Every woman has a different body and will have different results. Some women immediately experience radical changes in their lunar cycle and/or symptoms. For others, it takes time and dedication to practice to achieve the desired results. Many women conceive their lunar cycle a few days early when they first start steaming. Some experience a process in their womb ranging from convulsions to heaviness. This is a result of the herbs helping your body to pull together and release old blood and tissue that your body may have stored up from YEARS of incomplete bleeding. Don’t be surprised if you experience dark blood, heavy bleeding, and/or clots. Imagine your body being completely cleaned up, perhaps for the first time in your life. So sit back, relax and let yourself go. As you continue your steaming ritual, your cycle will become more relaxed and PMS symptoms will be reduced. One day it will be a joy for you to welcome your moon bleeding!

Every time we steam, we create a permanent change in our health and well-being – there’s no going back, so reward yourself with positive affirmations every time you take the time to indulge in a yoni steam bath. Yes, it can be hard to take the time out in our busy lives – but trust it – your body and emotions will repay you for your efforts a thousandfold over the years! Imagine your yoni steam bath is like taking a vitamin supplement to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day – but remember, you’ll only experience truly lasting results with consistent practice. It’s like nutrition. The foods we consume have a tremendous amount to do with how our bodies feel. When we eat healthy, we feel healthy.

When not to do a yoni steam bath:

  • If you are currently pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant – i.e. just before + during, and just after ovulation.
  • When you’re on your moon bleed.
  • If you have spotting or 2 moon bleeds in 30 days.
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Can I use the herbs without a yoni steam sauna?

Yes, theoretically you can. But I generally recommend a steam sauna to

A) avoid burns

B) be really comfortable during your treatment, and

C) get the best possible effect

Can I use the herbs more than once?

Yes, you can use the herbs more than once to get the full effect, but I always recommend using fresh herbs.

How Many Herbs Do I Use For Each Session?

2-3 tablespoons per session or whatever is recommended by your Peristeam Therapist. The BLOOM herbal mixtures are already portioned for you in bags that you simply add to the hot water.

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I have bad menstrual cramps. Which mix is best for me?
All mixtures help get rid of menstrual cramps. Choose the blend that works best for you and steam exactly according to my 1:1 treatment plan designed for you.

What Mixture Is Best For PMS?

All blends have herbal properties that may help regulate PMS. Choose the mix that works best for you.

What Mixture Is Best For Fibroids?
The LUNA -, the AURORA -, the SHAKTI – and the APHRODITE blend all have herbal properties that can help reduce fibroid size. Choose the mix that suits you best.

What Mixture Is Best For Cysts Or PCOS?

The LUNA, AURORA, SHAKTI, and APHRODITE blend all have herbal properties that may help drain cysts. Choose the mix that suits you best.

Which Herbs Are Best For Endometriosis?

In general, the LUNA blend is best.

If you have additional infections, the SHAKTI blend can be a good choice.

If you have short cycles, the AURORA blend is best.

The APHRODITE blend can also be used when hot flashes and night sweats also occur.

Can I steam with recurring bacterial vaginosis?
Vaginal steam baths with astringent, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial herbs are an important tool in combating recurring bacterial vaginosis and serving as a preventative. BLOOM’s SHAKTI blend is a super potent formula to support this. I am also happy to create a tailor-made mixture to support your health.
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What Herbs Are Best For Menarche (Occurrence Of First Moon Bleeding) Or Before My Daughter Has Her First Bleed?

Before the first moon bleed begins (up to age 12 und 12 1/2), use the AURORA blend.

After the onset of the first lunar bleed, the LUNA blend would be best unless one of the other blends suits her more (i.e. if she has infections she should use the SHAKTI blend).

If a girl has her moon bleed before the age of 12, the AURORA blend would be best for her. Your daughter should have a yoni steam bath after every moon bleed and in the week before her moon bleed. This *might* help her moon bleed go away. If this is the case, she should continue to steam with the AURORA blend once a month to prevent this from happening again.

If a girl is 14 or older and hasn’t started her moon period, she should use the LUNA blend.

Which Herbs Are Best For Menopause?

If you have intermittent or spontaneous bleeding, then the AURORA blend. This formula is the main one until the extra bleeding has stopped.

If you have hot flashes (and no extra bleeding), then the APHRODITE blend.

If you have infection and/or inflammation (and no extra bleeding), then the SHAKTI blend.

If you have large clots and heavy dark maroon moon bleeding (without additional bleeding between breaks), then use the LUNA blend.

If your moon bleeds go away for months and then come back, use the LUNA blend to promote regularity in your moon bleeds. Use the AURORA blend if you have a moon bleed that rarely comes through.

I’m already past menopause and no longer have moon bleeding. Which Herbs Are Best For Me?

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, use the APHRODITE blend.

If you have infections, use the SHAKTI blend.

If you have a prolapsed uterus, hemorrhoids, bloating, or occasional spotting, use the AURORA blend.

If you experience phantom cramps, swollen breasts or signs of PMS, use the LUNA blend.

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If you use an IUD (IUD):

In this case, you are only allowed to steam for 10 minutes, lightly clothed and without a stovetop.

I’ve had a partial or total hysterectomy, or I’ve had my fallopian tubes or ovaries removed. Which mix is best for me in this case?

  • If you’re still on your moon bleed, use whatever blend works best for you.
  • When you are no longer having moon bleeds, use the LUNA blend for general use.
  • If you have pain or scar tissue, use the LUNA blend.
    If you have infections, the SHAKTI blend would be best.
  • If you have night sweats, hot flashes etc. then the APHRODITE blend would be the best.
  • If you have problems with a prolapsed uterus, then use the AURORA blend.
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Which mix is best for fertility?
All mixtures help with fertility. To increase fertility, choose the blend that best suits your body signs. For example, if you experience long menstrual cycles, then the LUNA blend is the best for boosting fertility. If you experience short cycles, the AURORA blend is best for boosting fertility. If you have infections, the SHAKTI blend is best to increase fertility. If you suffer from night sweats then the APHRODITE blend would be best for boosting fertility.

Is there a herbal blend recommended for postpartum moms?

Yes, the blend created for you is called „Moon Mama Blend“ and contains all the herbs to support the postpartum healing process. The basic protocol for postpartum healing is to steam every to every other day for at least a month with the „moon mama blend“ to speed healing of the symptoms and imbalances that arise after childbirth.

Are the herbs safe while breastfeeding?
The LUNA, AURORA and APHRODITE blends are all completely safe to use while breastfeeding.
The SHAKTI blend is rich in drying herbs. While there have never been any cases of milk decline, it may be best to avoid them.
Although white sage (a drying herb) is included in the LUNA blend, the drying effect of the herb is balanced by other herbs in the blend that are moisturizing. This mixture has been used safely by at least 50 postpartum breastfeeding mothers without affecting breast milk. If anything, some of the mothers reported that the abdominal steam baths increased their milk supply.
Mugwort is harmful to breastfeeding babies. Therefore, do not use a mixture containing mugwort while breastfeeding.
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Can I take a bath or shower before or after steaming?

YES, bathing or showering is a welcome practice in addition to steaming – before or after – you decide! It’s about relaxing the body and falling into your feminine essence.

How much hot water should I put the herbs in?

A mixture of herbs to 1.5 liters of freshly boiled (but no longer boiling) SPRING WATER or PURIFIED water. Tap water contains toxic particles that we do not want to subject our precious yoni to.


  • DO NOT use the pot you heated the herbs in. Instead, add the steaming water and herbs to a heat-resistant ceramic bowl. DO NOT use tin or plastic.
  • Make sure to test the steam before sitting/kneeling/crouching over the yoni pot to avoid burning yourself.
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Why should I use BLOOM’s herbal blends?

Choosing our herbal source is just as important as choosing our food source. The quality of herbs you use to steam your yoni will make all the difference to your health and healing. That is why BLOOM herbal mixtures are always organic, handmade and from the region. Each blend is created by me Johanna/Hannah (founder of BLOOM) as a Certified Health PractitionerDGAM to ensure you receive the highest quality. Discover which mixture is best for your body. BLOOM also offers consultations and custom formula if you have specific challenges.

Is there shipping outside of Germany?

Yes, within Europe.

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